We are here to help you plan an original itinerary

Summit invites you to an opportunity of experiencing an antiaging treatment at a Japanese specialized clinic for a non-invasive antiaging treatment.

Bring your partner, family and friends along with you to indulge in a panoramic and relaxing itinerary of your own.

Summit shall take care of your treatment session and customized tour arrangements from arrival until departure.

  • Japan
  • tour
  • Gourmet
  • your party
  • Clinic
  • healthiness

Combination of anti-aging treatment and refreshing sojourn in Japan

  • A day's slot for anti-aging treatment at the selected clinic
  • A week of refreshing sojourn through modern and classical Japan with your family and friends
  • Assortment of choices of accommodation, hot spring, food and logistics of your own itinerary to meet your budget

Recipe of Antiaging and Beauty Treatments

* For details, please refer to respective clinics page.
Aesthetics Skin Care Plastic Surgery
Eye area Various laser treatments Ptosis
Lift-up Hyaluronic acid Facial Paralysis
Breast enlargement Botox Scars
Chloasma various injections Wart
Sagging Chemical Peeling Pincer nails
etc. etc. etc.


Various options for refreshing touring along the course before and after the treatment for family and friends …and for yourself!!


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