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Rejuvenation Tour to Japan


Model Plans

Day1 Arrival Tokyo, transfer to hotel
Day2 Ful lday free in Tokyo (optional regular or private tours available)
Day3 To Mt. Fuji/Hakone by bullet train
Day4 Full day free in Hakone
Day5 To Kamakura by car
Client guided to the clinic by car for antiaging treatment (with interpreter)
Day6 Tour of Kamakura and Enoshima Isl by car
Free time in Kamakura (or move to Yokohama)
Day7 Morning free in Kamakura (or Yokohama)
Afternoon move to Tokyo by car
Client stopover at clinic for final checkup (required depending on treatment)
Day8 Full day free in Tokyo (optional regular or private tours available)
Day9 Departure
  • * A brief visit to the clinic is recommended for a check-up before returning home, depending on the nature of treatment.
  • * Extension or shortening of days and selection of tours may be customized at clients' request and preference, including hotels, meals and transportation.
Various tours on option - private or regular
1) Optional tours and activities are available and subject to customizing with the clients.
2) Optional Extension tour to Kyoto and depart from Osaka may be planned in discussion with clients.

Rejuvenation Tour to Japan (KAMAKURA) [PLAN-10]

Antiaging Treatment and Refreshing Discovery Tour in Japan