Privacy Policy of Summit International Limited (Translation)

Summit International Limited ensures to treat all personal information under appropriate management and control in accordance with the laws and guidelines set forth by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and to enforce appropriate management of its staffs and employees for securing safety and strict adherence thereof.
We shall ensure that any claims and consultations from the clients regarding the personal information are attended promptly and swiftly and that such set of actions are reviewed and modified as required.

[1] Assessment of personal information

We shall receive all personal information as deemed to be required strictly for providing our services in adherence to the rules and regulations.

[2] Purpose of personal information

All personal information received from the clients shall be used only for the purpose of allowing our services to be appropriately conducted including, among others, communications with the clients themselves, arrangements of transport, accommodation and pertinent services requested by the clients, as well as for compilation of our statistical data assessment, and specifically the following:

  1. Immigration formalities
  2. Visa applications
  3. Arrangements with the transportation vendors
  4. Contracts for various insurances
  5. Bookings/reservations and arrangements of services with related companies and affiliate entities
  6. Bookings/reservations of accommodation providers and facilities
  7. Submission of required information to public/government functions

[3] Security measures for personal information protection

We shall (a) provide appropriate measures to prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information on hand, (b) incorporate internal security measures for assuring the safety management of the personal data, and (c) implement appropriate steps and rules for assuring accuracy and newness of information required to achieve the objectives of the services.

[4] Provision of personal data to a third party (ies)

We shall not provide any personal data to a third party without the clients' consent, except in the following cases:

  1. legal requirements
  2. protection against threat of human lives, physical status, personal assets and if personal consent is deemed to be difficult to obtain
  3. when it is judged that we are obligated to cooperate with the public/government functions for carrying out their respective duties, and where obtaining personal consent of the clients is deemed to hamper such actions

Regarding Google Services

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Google Analytics will use cookies for the assessment of the status of usage of the site without infringing any data that leads to personal privacy information in adherence to the privacy security stipulated by Google Privacy Policy.
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Date: January 10, 2006
Terumasa Sakagami
Representative Director
Summit International Limited