The terms of use (hereinafter "Terms") are set by Summit International Limited (hereinafter "Summit") for adherence by the viewers in using the services of this website (hereinafter "Services").

Article 1 Application of the Terms

The Terms shall apply to all stipulations and requirements related to the use of our Services by and between Summit and the users who agree to comply to the terms as given below.

Article 2. Restrictions

The users are prohibited from any of the following conducts in using the Services:

  1. conducts not permitted by applicable law, regulations and public order and morals
  2. conducts related to crimes
  3. conducts that cause damages or interruptions of our Services
  4. conducts that disrupts management and welfare of our Services
  5. conducts to gather or accumulate privacy information related to other users
  6. conducts that directly or indirectly benefit anti-social forces by use of our Services
  7. other conducts that Summit deems to be inappropriate

Article 3. Copyrights and Trademarks

Copyrights and trademarks in connection with the texts, images, programs and all content belong to Summit or the original creators and owners, and the users are not permitted to reuse or reproduce any of the content beyond the limits as permitted by applicable laws. The users are prohibited, without limitation, to copy, translate, modify, display, sell, publish or to use any of the materials in whole or in part without obtaining permission from Summit and the owners, including any conducts that infringe copyright laws and any applicable laws.

Regarding Google Services

SUMMIT PLAN is using the third party Google Services as the best means to maximize convenience and understanding of Summit's services by its viewers.
Google Analytics will use cookies for the assessment of the status of usage of the site without infringing any data that leads to personal privacy information in adherence to the privacy security stipulated by Google Privacy Policy.
This site uses Google Maps API as well as Google Places API in the display of maps and images.

Please refer below for details of the Privacy Policy of Google Services:
Google Privacy Policy

Article 4. Regarding the Link

Summit does not manage nor warrant the content of sites (hereinafter "Linked Sites") that are linked from this site. Summit prohibits linkage with websites that contain content that apply to any of the following:

  1. against public order and morals
  2. deviating from the general common sense or kno
  3. wledge
  4. rated for "adults only"
  5. attached in any ways to crimes and anti-social activities
  6. which slanders individuals, corporations/organizations
  7. which has a potential to obstruct Summit's operations
  8. with any other features that Summit deems to be inappropriate

Article 5. Disclaimer

  1. Summit shall not warranty the accuracy and efficacy of the information contained in the Services including among others, computer programs, and in no event shall be liable for any damage on the part of the users by the use of this site.
  2. Summit shall not be responsible for any transaction, communication or dispute arising among and between the users and other users or other third parties and in no event shall be liable for any damage thereof.

Article 6. About the Terms and change of Services)

  1. Summit may modify or delete the content, or discontinue the Services in entirety, in which case we shall not be liable for any damage incurred by the user on account of these changes.
  2. Summit retains the right to modify this Term as deemed to be required without a prior notice to the users.

Article 7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1. Interpretation of this Term shall be based upon the laws of Japan.
  2. Any disputes arising from or related to these terms and Services shall be litigated exclusively in the court of Summit's place of residence.